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Paulette Hunter is owner/operator of House of Nefertiti. Established in 2005, the salon offers services for the care and cultivation of kinky coiled tresses in their most natural state. 
Guests receive services that maintain the natural texture of the hair using products that have been determined to provide healthy moisture and manageability without harmful toxins and additives. 
We specialize in Sisterlocks/Brotherlocks, Traditional Locks, Plattylocks/Interlocks, but do also provide service for loose natural hair styles and maintenance. This includes styles and services for clients that are transitioning from chemical styling.
Paulette is a licensed Cosmetologist since 1986 and has completed several certifications in the area of Natural Hair. She is a Registered Nurse and uses her healthcare experience along with her additional education in Holistic Health, to provide information and recommendations for a healthier lifestyle. A beautiful healthy head of hair, starts on the inside.
House of
 Nefertiti does provide community events that work to promote and inform on the "return to natural movement" that is taking place across this nation. Stay tuned for announcements regarding these events.
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